Bar Harbor offers an array of shops, restaurants and activities.

Discover our quaint, sleepy coastal village during the quieter seasons — late fall, winter and spring.

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Think Local First, Bar Harbor Merchants Association

For more than a decade, the Bar Harbor Merchants Association has promoted Bar Harbor as a Four-Season destination.

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Bar Harbor Merchants Association Spring Flag

The Bar Harbor Merchants Association members fly one of our three different flags when they are open. Not all members are open throughout the entire year, but you can tell when they are by looking for the flag.
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Think Local First

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Think Local First: Thinking locally reduces transportation costs and protects our environment, supports local artists, farms, businesses, producers and organizations, and creates a supportive community and more sustainable economy.

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The Latest News and Events in Bar Harbor, Maine

Spring brings bursts of color and warm breezes to our coastal village. Your year round shops, businesses and restaurants are here to make your coming out of hibernation and reconnecting with the world functional, fun and entertaining. Whether you want to get out and climb a mountain or take a drive and watch the world wake up, Bar Harbor Merchants can help equip and refresh you for Spring adventures and memories. For current non donor events also check out our local Chamber of Commerce Events Calendar

Download our current edition of The Open Directory for Bar Harbor Merchants that are open this Spring COMING SOON!.

Friday March 31st, 2017 4.30pm – 7pm
House Wine

Six for Sixty Wine Tasting