Bar Harbor Merchants Association’s “Think Local First” Campaign

“Think Local First” decals are available at the following businesses:

Abbe Museum

Bark Harbor


FIORE Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars


House Wine


Side Street Cafe

Spruce & Gussy

Trail Head Cafe

The Village Emporium

Window Panes


Sponsored by the Bar Harbor Merchants Association

For more than a decade, the Bar Harbor Merchants Association (BHMA) has promoted Bar Harbor as a Four‐Season destination and supported the year‐round business community of retailers, restaurants, lodging, attractions, non‐profits and other organizations.

The BHMA, while begun in Bar Harbor, also includes members across Mount Desert Island and markets all members through seasonal “We’re Open!” directories, social media, print advertisements, promotions, and expos.

The Bar Harbor Merchants Association is a 501(c)3 non‐profit run by the efforts of member‐volunteers, and communicates with members regularly through emails as well as meetings on the third Thursday of every month.

In December of 2012, the BHMA launched a Think Local First campaign to promote community sustainability across Mount Desert Island. The Think Local First campaign, sponsored by the Bar Harbor Merchants Association, is branded with a colorful logo depicting the iconic shape of Mount Desert Island, as well as the popular phrase “THINK LOCAL FIRST”. Thinking locally reduces transportation costs and protects our environment, supports local artists, farms, businesses, producers and organizations, and creates a supportive community and more sustainable economy.

Everyone has the opportunity to support this important initiative by both thinking locally themselves, as well as promoting the message to “Think Local First” to their friends, neighbors, customers, and visitors. It is the goal of the Bar Harbor Merchants Association to make Think Local First an all‐inclusive and island‐wide campaign. To help make this message more visible, please consider proudly displaying the Think Local First logo at your business, on your car, on your website, and everywhere else it might be seen.


To help spread this message, the BHMA has made the following resources available:

  • Web Logo: Please visit for a web‐quality version of the Think Local First logo that you can use on your website, social media, or other web‐based marketing.
  • Display the logo at your business/organization: Please contact the BHMA if you would like a Think Local First cling to display in the window of your business.
  • Retail Program: The BHMA currently has decal stickers and window clings available at wholesale prices for those who would like to carry these items as inventory. Additional items may be available in the future. Please contact us at for further information.
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